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They are a team of women who band together online to track clues and solve cases across the country. They call themselves FLIP, which stands for Female Legal & Investigative Professionals. In our premiere episode we follow the team on its case that leads to its formation: the tell tale t-shirt that revolves around the mysterious murder of a woman in Baltimore, Maryland. The newly formed FLIP team identifies the victim from the details on the shirt, helps the Baltimore police renew its efforts to solve what is now clearly a homicide, and now a family is also able to put its mother and sister to rest. Then we follow the team to Quincy, Massachusetts (Boston area) on a ticking clock case. FLIP must find the culprit who has been leaving notes and kidnapping threats on the porches of homes where families live with small children. Employing a handwriting expert, internet researchers, and seasoned investigators, the FLIP team incredibly is able to catch the stalker hours before he strikes.