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Questioned Documents

“I have had the good fortune to have hired Peggy Walla in two separate cases. In both cases, I only gave her the bare facts and withheld my opinions to see if she was as good as I had heard. In both cases, she confirmed what I suspected.

The first case involved a codicil which mysteriously appeared after a Will was contested. The handwriting was very similar to the purported author’s, and if the deceased had ever mentioned a codicil, it probably wouldn’t have been questioned. I gave Ms. Walla the codicil and handwriting samples and asked her to prove or disprove the authenticity of the author. She proved without a shadow of doubt that the author was not the deceased. Months later, the person who wrote it finally admitted it.

The second case involved a custody issue. Letters and pictures were analyzed to determine whether a parent should have unsupervised visitation with the children involved. Ms. Walla again was given the minimal details of the case and lots of handwriting samples to compare and analyze. Her findings were even more profound than I suspected. She was right- and then some. Again, her findings were based on the samples she was given, and not influenced by my opinions and thoughts.

I am convinced that Ms. Walla is a careful, conscientious investigator who bases her analysis in the data that she has to work with and does not allow outside opinions to influence her. I would not hesitate to hire her again, if needed.”

Rebecca M. Harkins

“GRAND ISS uses Peggy Walla exclusively in cases requiring handwriting analysis and/or document authentication for years. In every case she has proven to be a dedicated professional and skilled master in her field. Peggy has handled everything from forged business contracts to altered Wills for us… and has never once been off the mark with millions of our clients dollars at risk.

What should not be overlooked is the fact that Peggy Walla combines her formidable abilities in forensic document analysis with a superior degree of private investigative talent. I know I speak for all of us at GRAND ISS when I say we recommend her highly. (Personally I think she should have her own TV Show).”

Ralph V. Frasca Jr.

President/CEO, Grand ISS
“Peggy Walla is very accomplished and has proven her “stuff” to our team. She is also a questioned documents examiner! Fun to work with and will educate you as you go! She has helped us! All the best!”

John R.W. MacIntire, Jr.

President, MacIntire & Associates, Inc.
“Peggy, was kind enough to analyze my handwriting and I must say I was impressed. The analysis was right on and even told me things I had to think about. After I thought about it I realized this was indeed true.”

David H. Kale

Kale Investigation Agency/Adjusting Company
Peggy is my angel. She does so much work by herself. She has really helped me, I think with her help, she is the only one that will help me win my case.

D. Sanders

Schulenburg, TX

“Is it really possible for someone to profile an individual using handwriting analysis? I am new to this idea and have had a person’s handwriting analyzed by a licensed forensic handwriting expert and the results were incredibly accurate. She did not know whose handwriting she was profiling and she was so accurate that it is spooky. How well is this type of forensic profiling accepted in courts? The handwriting was that of the murderer of a 7-year-old child. The Profiler did not know anything about this yet she was right on target.”


Handwriting Analysis

I have an all Female, Legal and Investigative Specialists, YahooGroup (FLIP).  We often work cases together.  [“F.L.I.P. Mysteries: Women on the Case”] reenacts two cases we worked, both with police.  One is a cold case homicide in which I ID’d the body from her clothing.  The other is a case in which a pervert was leaving sick displays around a neighborhood, threatening to kidnap and rape a little girl.  Fortunately the displays included a lot of his handwriting.  From that Peggy was able to determine that the perp had recently had surgery, had something wrong with his left leg, was looking for work, and a lot more.  Using Peggy’s description, [law enforcement officers] were able to locate the perv before he did the crime.  It was the first time I had worked with her, and I figured, what could it hurt.  Well, she was the heroine of the case.  Her analysis was spot-on.

Vicki Siedow

“I had Peggy actually look at two handwriting samples… mine and a case I am working.  She was absolute right on!  Of course I really liked mine personally…. lol.  It really is amazing to me how one can analyze handwriting to ascertain so much in depth detail on someone. Give Peggy a try if you doubt it and see for yourself.”

Michèle Stuart

JAG Investigations, Inc.
“Well done! I was expecting some wishy-washy comments that could refer to many people, however, reading you comments was like holding up a mirror. I also passed the report around some friends and they all concurred to its accuracy.”

Ross Manson

Irish Surveillance
“Thank you so much! This was very insightful. Julie agrees that hers matched dead on. Mine was also almost perfectly accurate. We were very happy with the analysis. Great Job!”

Susan Winters

Capital Adjusters, Austin, TX
“Thank you so much Peggy. This makes my life easier.”

Daniel J. Benor

Holistic Psychotherapist (Canada), MD (US), ABHM (US) International Journal of Healing and Caring
“All of what you have told me is fascinating and so right on. You have been a tremendous help and have put my mind at rest… You really have no idea how much help you have been.”


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